Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner 9.41 Pro Final is a program that helps you quickly, efficiently and effectively removes invalid entries or data left in the registry by incorrectly uninstalled applications. The operating system starts to run slower when too much information accumulates in the registry. After the restructuring of his data, the level of productivity of a personal computer will increase by several percent. Run the utility, after which it will quickly find incorrect, outdated or unnecessary data.

In the event of a malfunction of the Windows 8 operating system after changing the registry, the developers provided for the possibility of forming a copy of its entries. It will allow you to undo the changes made by the utility if the optimized system starts to malfunction or does not start at all.
Quickly, but carefully scanned the registry, Wise Registry Cleaner for Windows 8 will divide the errors into several categories. The first one will allow you to safely delete entries. Use the second as carefully as possible so as not to damage the integrity of the structure of system files. There is also a special mode in the cleaner.


• Wise Registry Cleaner is designed to clean the Windows registry from erroneous and obsolete entries.
• Developer: WiseCleaner Software.
• Language: Multilingual.
• Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10.

Wise Registry Cleaner features

• Correct cleaning of information in the registry. It will check and correct the found erroneous entries without affecting the system’s performance.
• Safe operation of the cleaner. It does not affect the files stored on the hard disk and system processes running on a personal computer.
• A separate line for each problem. The program displays each error found on a separate line, supplementing it with more detailed information.
• Automatic registry cleaning. Turn it on if you do not want to manually delete the entries found by the utility.
• Rollback operations. It will immediately return the initial state of the system if, after optimizing the registry, you find errors in its functioning.
• Backup copies of all registry entries. The program can create it so that, if necessary, you can restore the OS.
• High performance. An optimized registry will make the system run much faster.

• Defragment the registry. Restructure records through this application to reduce registry size.
• Startup manager. Effectively manage through it the work of programs that automatically start when Windows starts.
• Uninstall manager. Remove unnecessary applications from the system.
• Backing up deleted items. Back up all items deleted by the utility from the registry until they are permanently destroyed.
• Skins support. Replace the standard cleaner shell with more beautiful creations from different developers.
• The intuitive user interface allows you to quickly understand the powerful functionality of Wise Registry Cleaner.

Install and configure Wise Registry Cleaner

After installing the subject and rebooting the OS, run the program and in the upper toolbar click on the gear icon (“Options”). In the window that appears, on the “Basic” tab, I recommend unchecking the “Automatically check for updates” item (which can always be done through the “Check Now” button in the same window). Or, if desired, you can configure the program for, say, a monthly update check. Further, I highly recommend setting the registry scan to safe mode (the option “Only safe”), after which we confirm all changes with the “OK” button.

AVG PC TuneUp (TuneUp Utilities)

If you want to optimize Windows, improve its performance and even improve the appearance of various elements, you do not need to understand the intricacies of registry settings and storm the mazes of the Control Panel submenu – it is better to use AVG PC TuneUp. How all this is implemented in practice: all the many options for setting up the system are presented in a clear user interface, with which even a novice user can easily configure auto-run, clean the registry or disk from junk files, and delete data permanently.

At the first start, the program will offer to start scanning the system for errors and garbage. After that, it will display the “One-click Service” window with a list of problems found. The user can look at each of them or click on the “Service” button. It is also possible to click on the “Dashboard” button and go to the set of available tools for tuning the system. On the “Personalization” tab, there are tools to customize the appearance of the “Start” panel, Taskbar, change the animation and effects. It is also possible to download topics from the Internet.

These actions will not bring increased productivity, but can improve comfort when working with the system. Experienced users can find free tools for such settings on the Web, but for less experienced users it is advisable to optimize the system and customize the appearance from this convenient package.

This tool can be positioned as an advanced version. It should immediately make a reservation about two versions of the program AVG PC TuneUp and TuneUp Utilities. Initially, since 1996, it was the second version that was developed and developed. However, in 2011, according to the Wikipedia page, AVG Technologies acquired TuneUp Corporation and continued the development of TuneUp Utilities, gradually, market by market, replacing the product name with AVG PC TuneUP.

Nevertheless, in the network you can also find versions of the program without the addition of AVG in the name. What is also worth mentioning is that the program, unlike CCleaner, is paid. Nevertheless, you can download a free, stripped down, version with a basic set of functions. However, we will talk about the full version, which includes a full (about 30) set of functions and capabilities.

The main monitoring menu has a basic set of functions and at the first start it analyzes and indicates the number of problems and recommendations for optimization. And also touches the status line, which, as it optimizes, tends to shade and show the desired 100% value. Above, there are tabs with advanced solutions titled related topics.


With the help of these tools it becomes possible to work with system and your programs. For example, you can edit the list of programs running when windows started up, as well as delete the most unnecessary ones (the list is supplemented by the degree of load on the system and the date of the last launch). There is also such a parameter as Live-optimization. She herself controls the running software and provides the most resource-intensive additional memory with a kind of face control.


The purpose of this section is fully consistent with the name. Here you can clean the system of unnecessary garbage by the type of CCleaner.


Using the tools in this section, you can fix the most common problems when using Windows. These include the “loss” of the taskbar, desktop icons, unwanted changes to the shell interface, various problems when working with the file system, Explorer’s context menu, etc.


With these settings, you can modify the appearance of the system. The effects, animations, and menu designs do not change very flexibly, but nevertheless, all the tools are collected in one place, which greatly simplifies the task.

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a productive and simple to-utilize program intended to discover and evacuate pointless copy records. Utilizing this program you can tidy up to half of the extra hard plate space. Copy File Finder likewise enables you to scan for copy documents on USB sticks, streak cards, and other convenient capacity gadgets. Moreover, erasing pointless records can improve PC execution, diminishes the time required to defragment a hard circle, just as the time it takes to examine a PC with an antivirus program.

File Finder enables you to discover indistinguishable documents dependent on the substance of records on account of the web search tool “MD5”. You can discover indistinguishable records even with various characteristics (document name, date of its creation/change, record size). Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is an effective and simple to-utilize program intended to discover and evacuate superfluous copy documents.

Utilizing this program you can tidy up to half of the extra hard plate space. Copy File Finder additionally enables you to look for copy records on USB sticks, streak cards, and other convenient capacity gadgets. Furthermore, erasing superfluous records can improve PC execution, diminishes the time required to defragment a hard plate, just as the time it takes to check a PC with an antivirus program.

File Finder enables you to discover indistinguishable records dependent on the substance of documents on account of the internet searcher “MD5”. You can discover indistinguishable documents even with various properties (record name, date of its creation/change, record size).

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a program for finding and erasing copy records. With this application you can locate similar pictures, reports and different records, looking at them by name, yet additionally by substance. As indicated by the designers of the program, it enables you to free up to half of circle space, clean up the accumulation of media documents and diminish the time required to defragment the hard plate. In regular day to day existence, we download gigabytes of different media documents from the Internet – pictures, music, films, and so on.

It is these documents that are frequently the wellspring of copies. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder can discover such documents utilizing the implicit internet searcher by MD5 and different parameters. The application interface is natural – first you are solicited to choose the sorts from records for filtering (pictures, music, recordings, documents, projects), and afterward, in the wake of examining, you are given a rundown of discovered copies – you simply need to erase them (specifically or at the same time).

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder will cautiously check your drives for indistinguishable records. The utility enables you to choose record types that should have copies. However there is additionally the alternative to check all arrangements existing in the framework. You can likewise pick a spot to scan for copies, from all drives to a particular envelope. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder thinks about the record name and size, yet in addition utilizes the MD5 correlation, which gives the careful area of similar documents, regardless of whether they have various names or characteristics.

In the wake of looking, the program will show records that have copies and offer at your attentiveness further activities with matches found. This is a program that enables you to discover and expel copy documents. By evacuating copy documents, you can fundamentally diminish the time required to defragment your hard drive, just as limit the time required for a full sweep of your PC with an antivirus program. Discovering copy records physically is amazingly troublesome and protracted, so you can utilize this program, which will discover all copies in only minutes.

Windows cleaner app

Why do we use Windows cleaner app? With prolonged use of the computer, garbage accumulates in temporary folders, as well as in the Windows 10 registry. That’s why you must use the native Windows 10 uninstaller or the one that comes with the program itself, and not manually delete a huge number of folders with supposedly unnecessary programs.

Strictly following this simple rule will save you from unnecessary branches in the Windows 10 registry that link to non-existent files. The Windows registry is the main operating system database. The less garbage in the registry, the faster the OS finds the necessary information and, as a result, the work of the computer as a whole is accelerated. The computer can also “slow down” in terms of hardware.

If a relatively new hardware is installed on your PC, standard diagnostics of the hard drive can also significantly speed up the computer. It is important to keep an eye on the “Startup” section, where the default program startup is specified when the operating system starts.

The fewer programs that work in the background, the more resources are freed up for other tasks and, accordingly, the computer speeds up. And so, your computer began to work slowly. To speed up the computer, you need to get rid of systemic trash by following the steps: clear the hard drive of garbage, adjust the Startup section, clean the Windows 10 registry, check the disk for errors, and defragment the hard disk.

Cleaning the system with cleaner app for Windows 7

To clean the registry, use the CCleaner program (download the latest current version of the application). Run the program, go to the “Registry” tab and click the “Search for problems” button. After the progress reaches 100% – click “Fix …” and in the pop-up window on the question “Save backup copies of the changes made?” Click “No”. Next, another window opens, in which you need to click “Fix selected”. Everything, registry cleaning is completed – click “Close”.

Checking the hard drive for errors

To begin, consider why you need to check the hard drive. Hard drive errors are nothing more than bad sectors (clusters) of memory in the physical storage medium HDD.
In the process of checking the hard drive information from bad sectors is transferred to serviceable. In addition, the “bad” sectors of the hard drive are no longer used to store information. This is why it is important to check the hard disk for errors before using disk defragmentation. And so, we proceed to the process of checking the hard drive. To check the hard drive in Windows 10: open “This computer” and right-click on the system drive; select “Properties” in the drop-down menu and go to the “Service” tab where we click “Check”.

In the information window that appears, click “Check disk”, after which the process of checking the hard disk for errors will start. We are waiting for the result. If errors are found, then we will correct them. If there are no errors, close all windows. You can also check other logical drives of your PC, mainly those that you use most often when working with programs or games.

Windows app data cleaner for optimizing Windows

Windows app data cleaner for optimizing Windows

COMODO System Utilities is registry cleaner app Windows 10 that contains tools for cleaning, monitoring, tuning, optimizing a Windows system, with which you can improve computer performance.

Full Description of COMODO System Utilities

The program is completely safe due to the ability to roll back changes; it has both an automatic correction mode and a manual analysis of the results. It previously had the name
Comodo System Cleaner.

Key features of COMODO System Utilities free:

  • Registry Cleaner. Cleaning and optimizing the registry.
  • Disk Cleaner. This Windows application cleaner helps cleaning the hard drive of unnecessary information, unused system files and duplicates.
  • Privacy Cleaner. It can clean up confidential user information on a computer. By default, it is suggested to delete cookies, if you use them, you can disable this scanning and deletion of data.
  • Safe Cleaning: registry protection algorithm, automatic system rollback if important files were deleted by mistake.
  • Auto runs Manager: program Manager, monitoring processes that are launched when the operating system starts. This module can also configure the start and stop of system Services.
  • File Pend Delete. Delete and move locked files, for example, files that are currently running in the operating system.
  • File Wiper. Safely delete confidential files with overwriting hard disk sectors. After this deletion, the files cannot be restored.
  • System Information: diagnostics providing information about the computer software and hardware.
  • System Settings. An operating system settings module that helps you set up your Internet connection, various system functions, a web browser, and loading the OS.

IObit Toolbox Portable Windows appdata cleaner
IObit Toolbox – a free set of tools for monitoring and managing your computer. IObit Toolbox allows you to diagnose and fix problems that have arisen, increase security, clean the registry, restore data, or simply configure your computer for maximum hardware performance.
Full Description of IObit Toolbox

Key features and features of Toolbox Portable:

  • does not require installation
  • 20 powerful tools for work:
  • Disk cleaner – removes unnecessary files, frees up disk space
  • A tool for cleaning the registry.
  • Personal data cleaner.
  • Uninstaller. It helps to remove unnecessary programs from the computer.
  • Registry defragmenter
  • Assistant on the Internet. Analyzes your work on the Internet and helps to optimize it.
  • System startup manager. Optimizes the process of starting a computer
  • Disk Doctor.
  • Complete system information.
  • Scanner of empty folders. Helps to find empty folders and delete them.
  • Scanner copies of files. It searches for copies of files that may take up extra disk space.
  • Process Manager.
  • WinFix. Analyzes the operating system and helps fix problems.

Each program has its own cleaning tools and corresponding settings for both user-specific applications and for tougher cleaning for more professional users. Many programs have comprehensive cleaning tools, and can also clean the registry, create restore points, back up the registry, optimize the system and much more.
What is windows system cleaning?

Cleaning is the process of removing unnecessary, useless files in the system, due to which free space on hard disks is freed up (disk cleaning) and the entire system as a whole is accelerated. The process is carried out using special software, such programs are called cleaner.

The main categories, sections, folders that are cleaned by programs for cleaning the system:

  • Windows Explorer: search menu, recent documents, Internet cache, Internet history, ” cookies ” (cookies, cookies), download history, auto-complete forms and so on.
  • System: recycle bin, temporary files (Temp folder), duplicate files, clipboard.
  • Applications: temporary files that are created when installed applications and utilities work.

Spam cleaning application

Free junk cleaner app for Windows 10 for cleaning and optimizing your computer

PrivaZer is a free PC cleaner designed to safely clean your computer’s operating system and protect the privacy of your online activities.

Full description of PrivaZer app cache cleaner Windows

The developers believe that in order to maintain freedom and security on the Internet, PrivaZer should be accessible to everyone, for this reason, the program is absolutely free. When working with the program, there is no need to be a professional user, just with one click, PrivaZer is able to reliably clean Internet browsers, Index.dat, cookies, DOM storage, cache, registry, RAM, software usage, history of visited websites, video viewing, trash, temporary files, residual traces of deleted files, free space, USN log and much more.

PrivaZer Features:

  • more than 100 inspections and cleanings;
  • smart hard drive cleaning;
  • delete USB history;
  • final deletion of files and directories;
  • determination of residual traces in free space;
  • Automatic check for updates;
  • creating backup copies of the registry.

PrivaZer Windows 10 cache cleaner app can work in-depth scan mode or scan certain residual records, for example, only Internet activity or old files, registry, USB history. Getting started, the program will offer you to choose the level of computer ownership and set configuration parameters, for example, whether to delete program history, thumbnail cache, web cache, system updates, previous version of windows, be careful at this stage.

BleachBit is a free open source program designed to clean the computer’s operating system, remove traces of the Internet, cookies, history, shortcuts with wrong paths, temporary files.

Advanced SystemCare Free

Advanced SystemCare Free is a multi-functional free version for protection, cleaning, optimization and repair in Windows operating systems.
Full Description of Advanced SystemCare Free

Advanced SystemCare Free differs from the paid version in just two tools. The program supports skins, multilingual, easy to manage, safe.

Key features of Advanced SystemCare Free:

⎯ malware removal;
⎯ privacy cleanup;
⎯ internet acceleration;
⎯ registry defragmentation;
⎯ security protection;
⎯ fixing system vulnerabilities;
⎯ registry repair;
⎯ delete unwanted files;
⎯ shortcut correction;
⎯ system optimization;
⎯ scanning a hard disk for errors;
⎯ free download.

Advansed Systems Care Free Tool Base:

⎯ Cleaning: removal of programs, disk cleaning, file shredder (destruction).
⎯ Optimization: verification and optimization of used memory, startup manager.
⎯ Repair: recover deleted files, broken shortcuts, disk analysis, fixing system problems, IE assistant.
⎯ Security: driver manager, system diagnostics, running processes manager, unlocking files / folders.
⎯ Management: auto power off, system information, OS setup, password protection of files / folders.
⎯ Advanced: analysis of disks on files and folders of large sizes, search for identical, empty files / folders, creating a portable version of Advanced SystemCare free download.

Turbo boost:

⎯ Work: improving the efficiency of the computer for better work by shutting down unnecessary services and applications.
⎯ Game: improving the efficiency of the computer for games by disabling unnecessary services of the Windows system.

Windows Cleanup Tool

Any computer during operation is clogged with unnecessary temporary files. When they accumulate in large quantities, free disk space is noticeably reduced, and the computer itself may begin to slow down. Therefore, the hard drive regularly needs to be cleaned of debris. Fortunately, now this does not have to be done manually. There is special Windows cleaner tool that deals with this. And in order to choose high-quality software, we suggest you consider the best programs for cleaning your computer.

Comodo System Cleaner

This is a utility that automatically removes all unnecessary files from the hard drive. System Cleaner is absolutely free, it allows in addition to temporary files to clean the registry, as well as complete system processes. The disadvantage of the free Windows cleanup tool is that it only works correctly on Windows 7. When installed on the Windows 10 or even 8 operating systems, compatibility problems may occur.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is a good Windows clean up tool that provides the user with the ability to automatically search for unnecessary files and delete them. The program can also delete unused files, excess cache and other garbage. This saves additional disk space. In addition, there is a defragmentation function. The Wise Disk interface is simple and intuitive; it is a pleasure to work with it. This utility provides only the basic functions of the wizard. Which, in general, is more than enough, but there are programs that can offer much more.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a hard disk cleaner that is perfect for those who want to free up maximum disk space without hitting anything you need. The utility is designed specifically for the correct removal of programs. With it, you can clean your computer from junk files that refuse to be deleted through Explorer. Usually, these are system applications like mail, calendar, and more. Especially relevant are the capabilities of Revo for Windows 10, in which, by default, many applications are installed, which almost no one uses.

For temporary files, a built-in cleaner is also available. In addition, there is also a tool for working with startup.


JetClean is a very easy-to-use program that not only removes excess garbage, but also optimizes the system, which has a beneficial effect on computer performance. With this utility you can minimize the number of system errors and crashes. The program terminates the processes that slow down the computer. And in order not to delete anything superfluous, a backup option is provided.

JetClean offers a wide variety of options and, at the same time, works very quickly even on older machines. This is a universal application that combines several modules for various purposes.

Carambis Cleaner

In order that the computer does not turn into a “garbage can” of different file junk, it must be periodically cleaned.

This Windows update clean up tool was ranked by millions of users worldwide. Perhaps this list will be contrary to your beliefs and ideas. It is simple and efficient software. Able to clean the registry, optimize startup, remove duplicates and more.

Reg Organizizer

This is “old-timer” among analogues. Among the advantages are a simple and unobtrusive interface, advanced registry management (with the ability to create snapshots, restore), speeding up Internet connections, disabling unnecessary startup objects. The software is shareware, but version 8.04 is available for free with no restrictions on functionality. You only need to use the license key available on the download page.

CCleaner – a simple registry cleaner tool for Windows 7 to speed up your computer

It is one of the easiest solutions with a set of necessary tools. Nothing more – everything is on the case. Able to clean the registry, remove garbage, optimize startup, remove installed applications. No wonder he is in the TOP “Best Windows system optimizers.”
AVG TuneUp (Performance Optimizer)

It is one of the first optimizers for Windows, which appeared many years ago. Only then was it called Tune Up Utilities. Over the years of improvement, the program has gained popular recognition and is one of the most downloaded in the world (in this category).


⎯ Automatically configure the operating system to achieve maximum efficiency;
⎯ Delete all unnecessary file “junk” that accumulates as a result of intensive use of the browser, after uninstalling programs, games;
⎯ Optimize registry entries to speed up application launch;
⎯ Manage RAM and processor resources, release them to perform more important tasks;
⎯ Clear unnecessary data without the possibility of recovery;
⎯ Recover files that were accidentally deleted;
⎯ Solve various Windows problems that can cause a crash.

Wise Care 365 – Best Windows 7 Optimizer

Quickly scans the system for errors and quickly eliminates them so that everything works smoothly and without defects. It is enough to run the scan once a week to keep the PC in perfect condition. It is one of the best preventative solutions that clean garbage, optimizes the registry and allows you to configure auto run.

Glary Utilities junk cleaner app

This is a set of tools that not only eliminates trash, but also allows you to restore the computer after serious failures. The interface is extremely simple, which does not create barriers at the “first acquaintance”. It is enough to take a couple of minutes to study the software in order to understand the full power of its functionality.

Auslogics BoostSpeed

Another software product. Now the software has acquired new features that allow you to optimize your Internet connection, manage startup, uninstall installed applications and configure Windows 7/8/10 system programs. A cool defragmenter is also included.