AVG PC TuneUp (TuneUp Utilities)

If you want to optimize Windows, improve its performance and even improve the appearance of various elements, you do not need to understand the intricacies of registry settings and storm the mazes of the Control Panel submenu – it is better to use AVG PC TuneUp. How all this is implemented in practice: all the many options for setting up the system are presented in a clear user interface, with which even a novice user can easily configure auto-run, clean the registry or disk from junk files, and delete data permanently.

At the first start, the program will offer to start scanning the system for errors and garbage. After that, it will display the “One-click Service” window with a list of problems found. The user can look at each of them or click on the “Service” button. It is also possible to click on the “Dashboard” button and go to the set of available tools for tuning the system. On the “Personalization” tab, there are tools to customize the appearance of the “Start” panel, Taskbar, change the animation and effects. It is also possible to download topics from the Internet.

These actions will not bring increased productivity, but can improve comfort when working with the system. Experienced users can find free tools for such settings on the Web, but for less experienced users it is advisable to optimize the system and customize the appearance from this convenient package.

This tool can be positioned as an advanced version. It should immediately make a reservation about two versions of the program AVG PC TuneUp and TuneUp Utilities. Initially, since 1996, it was the second version that was developed and developed. However, in 2011, according to the Wikipedia page, AVG Technologies acquired TuneUp Corporation and continued the development of TuneUp Utilities, gradually, market by market, replacing the product name with AVG PC TuneUP.

Nevertheless, in the network you can also find versions of the program without the addition of AVG in the name. What is also worth mentioning is that the program, unlike CCleaner, is paid. Nevertheless, you can download a free, stripped down, version with a basic set of functions. However, we will talk about the full version, which includes a full (about 30) set of functions and capabilities.

The main monitoring menu has a basic set of functions and at the first start it analyzes and indicates the number of problems and recommendations for optimization. And also touches the status line, which, as it optimizes, tends to shade and show the desired 100% value. Above, there are tabs with advanced solutions titled related topics.


With the help of these tools it becomes possible to work with system and your programs. For example, you can edit the list of programs running when windows started up, as well as delete the most unnecessary ones (the list is supplemented by the degree of load on the system and the date of the last launch). There is also such a parameter as Live-optimization. She herself controls the running software and provides the most resource-intensive additional memory with a kind of face control.


The purpose of this section is fully consistent with the name. Here you can clean the system of unnecessary garbage by the type of CCleaner.


Using the tools in this section, you can fix the most common problems when using Windows. These include the “loss” of the taskbar, desktop icons, unwanted changes to the shell interface, various problems when working with the file system, Explorer’s context menu, etc.


With these settings, you can modify the appearance of the system. The effects, animations, and menu designs do not change very flexibly, but nevertheless, all the tools are collected in one place, which greatly simplifies the task.

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