Windows app data cleaner for optimizing Windows

Windows app data cleaner for optimizing Windows

COMODO System Utilities is registry cleaner app Windows 10 that contains tools for cleaning, monitoring, tuning, optimizing a Windows system, with which you can improve computer performance.

Full Description of COMODO System Utilities

The program is completely safe due to the ability to roll back changes; it has both an automatic correction mode and a manual analysis of the results. It previously had the name
Comodo System Cleaner.

Key features of COMODO System Utilities free:

  • Registry Cleaner. Cleaning and optimizing the registry.
  • Disk Cleaner. This Windows application cleaner helps cleaning the hard drive of unnecessary information, unused system files and duplicates.
  • Privacy Cleaner. It can clean up confidential user information on a computer. By default, it is suggested to delete cookies, if you use them, you can disable this scanning and deletion of data.
  • Safe Cleaning: registry protection algorithm, automatic system rollback if important files were deleted by mistake.
  • Auto runs Manager: program Manager, monitoring processes that are launched when the operating system starts. This module can also configure the start and stop of system Services.
  • File Pend Delete. Delete and move locked files, for example, files that are currently running in the operating system.
  • File Wiper. Safely delete confidential files with overwriting hard disk sectors. After this deletion, the files cannot be restored.
  • System Information: diagnostics providing information about the computer software and hardware.
  • System Settings. An operating system settings module that helps you set up your Internet connection, various system functions, a web browser, and loading the OS.

IObit Toolbox Portable Windows appdata cleaner
IObit Toolbox – a free set of tools for monitoring and managing your computer. IObit Toolbox allows you to diagnose and fix problems that have arisen, increase security, clean the registry, restore data, or simply configure your computer for maximum hardware performance.
Full Description of IObit Toolbox

Key features and features of Toolbox Portable:

  • does not require installation
  • 20 powerful tools for work:
  • Disk cleaner – removes unnecessary files, frees up disk space
  • A tool for cleaning the registry.
  • Personal data cleaner.
  • Uninstaller. It helps to remove unnecessary programs from the computer.
  • Registry defragmenter
  • Assistant on the Internet. Analyzes your work on the Internet and helps to optimize it.
  • System startup manager. Optimizes the process of starting a computer
  • Disk Doctor.
  • Complete system information.
  • Scanner of empty folders. Helps to find empty folders and delete them.
  • Scanner copies of files. It searches for copies of files that may take up extra disk space.
  • Process Manager.
  • WinFix. Analyzes the operating system and helps fix problems.

Each program has its own cleaning tools and corresponding settings for both user-specific applications and for tougher cleaning for more professional users. Many programs have comprehensive cleaning tools, and can also clean the registry, create restore points, back up the registry, optimize the system and much more.
What is windows system cleaning?

Cleaning is the process of removing unnecessary, useless files in the system, due to which free space on hard disks is freed up (disk cleaning) and the entire system as a whole is accelerated. The process is carried out using special software, such programs are called cleaner.

The main categories, sections, folders that are cleaned by programs for cleaning the system:

  • Windows Explorer: search menu, recent documents, Internet cache, Internet history, ” cookies ” (cookies, cookies), download history, auto-complete forms and so on.
  • System: recycle bin, temporary files (Temp folder), duplicate files, clipboard.
  • Applications: temporary files that are created when installed applications and utilities work.

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