Windows Cleanup Tool

Any computer during operation is clogged with unnecessary temporary files. When they accumulate in large quantities, free disk space is noticeably reduced, and the computer itself may begin to slow down. Therefore, the hard drive regularly needs to be cleaned of debris. Fortunately, now this does not have to be done manually. There is special Windows cleaner tool that deals with this. And in order to choose high-quality software, we suggest you consider the best programs for cleaning your computer.

Comodo System Cleaner

This is a utility that automatically removes all unnecessary files from the hard drive. System Cleaner is absolutely free, it allows in addition to temporary files to clean the registry, as well as complete system processes. The disadvantage of the free Windows cleanup tool is that it only works correctly on Windows 7. When installed on the Windows 10 or even 8 operating systems, compatibility problems may occur.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is a good Windows clean up tool that provides the user with the ability to automatically search for unnecessary files and delete them. The program can also delete unused files, excess cache and other garbage. This saves additional disk space. In addition, there is a defragmentation function. The Wise Disk interface is simple and intuitive; it is a pleasure to work with it. This utility provides only the basic functions of the wizard. Which, in general, is more than enough, but there are programs that can offer much more.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a hard disk cleaner that is perfect for those who want to free up maximum disk space without hitting anything you need. The utility is designed specifically for the correct removal of programs. With it, you can clean your computer from junk files that refuse to be deleted through Explorer. Usually, these are system applications like mail, calendar, and more. Especially relevant are the capabilities of Revo for Windows 10, in which, by default, many applications are installed, which almost no one uses.

For temporary files, a built-in cleaner is also available. In addition, there is also a tool for working with startup.


JetClean is a very easy-to-use program that not only removes excess garbage, but also optimizes the system, which has a beneficial effect on computer performance. With this utility you can minimize the number of system errors and crashes. The program terminates the processes that slow down the computer. And in order not to delete anything superfluous, a backup option is provided.

JetClean offers a wide variety of options and, at the same time, works very quickly even on older machines. This is a universal application that combines several modules for various purposes.

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