Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner 9.41 Pro Final is a program that helps you quickly, efficiently and effectively removes invalid entries or data left in the registry by incorrectly uninstalled applications. The operating system starts to run slower when too much information accumulates in the registry. After the restructuring of his data, the level of productivity of a personal computer will increase by several percent. Run the utility, after which it will quickly find incorrect, outdated or unnecessary data.

In the event of a malfunction of the Windows 8 operating system after changing the registry, the developers provided for the possibility of forming a copy of its entries. It will allow you to undo the changes made by the utility if the optimized system starts to malfunction or does not start at all.
Quickly, but carefully scanned the registry, Wise Registry Cleaner for Windows 8 will divide the errors into several categories. The first one will allow you to safely delete entries. Use the second as carefully as possible so as not to damage the integrity of the structure of system files. There is also a special mode in the cleaner.


• Wise Registry Cleaner is designed to clean the Windows registry from erroneous and obsolete entries.
• Developer: WiseCleaner Software.
• Language: Multilingual.
• Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10.

Wise Registry Cleaner features

• Correct cleaning of information in the registry. It will check and correct the found erroneous entries without affecting the system’s performance.
• Safe operation of the cleaner. It does not affect the files stored on the hard disk and system processes running on a personal computer.
• A separate line for each problem. The program displays each error found on a separate line, supplementing it with more detailed information.
• Automatic registry cleaning. Turn it on if you do not want to manually delete the entries found by the utility.
• Rollback operations. It will immediately return the initial state of the system if, after optimizing the registry, you find errors in its functioning.
• Backup copies of all registry entries. The program can create it so that, if necessary, you can restore the OS.
• High performance. An optimized registry will make the system run much faster.

• Defragment the registry. Restructure records through this application to reduce registry size.
• Startup manager. Effectively manage through it the work of programs that automatically start when Windows starts.
• Uninstall manager. Remove unnecessary applications from the system.
• Backing up deleted items. Back up all items deleted by the utility from the registry until they are permanently destroyed.
• Skins support. Replace the standard cleaner shell with more beautiful creations from different developers.
• The intuitive user interface allows you to quickly understand the powerful functionality of Wise Registry Cleaner.

Install and configure Wise Registry Cleaner

After installing the subject and rebooting the OS, run the program and in the upper toolbar click on the gear icon (“Options”). In the window that appears, on the “Basic” tab, I recommend unchecking the “Automatically check for updates” item (which can always be done through the “Check Now” button in the same window). Or, if desired, you can configure the program for, say, a monthly update check. Further, I highly recommend setting the registry scan to safe mode (the option “Only safe”), after which we confirm all changes with the “OK” button.

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